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Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage at Nova

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We welcomed a visit from our local MP Stephen McPartland who was really interested in finding out more about holistic therapies and met the therapists and some of the directors. He spent time talking to therapists getting to know more about what type of holistic therapies we offer and how we are supporting the local and surrounding community. Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, said "The last few years have been very difficult and really brought the importance of mental health to the forefront. It is clear that good physical health is very important, but we must also focus far more on our mental health and wellbeing. I have been working hard behind the scenes with our local mental health services, GPs and councils on trying to improve facilities and access to mental health and well-being services - hopefully, with some big announcements shortly. The team at Nova are providing a vital service and community resource which will help us build more support for local people. I am very proud to have them in our town supporting us.

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