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Thank You All

Thank you all for coming to our first Well-being Wednesday after summer break. We had an amazing Guided Relaxation session followed by QiGong with Well-being Acupuncture and Sound Bowls. These sessions are FREE and ideal for those suffering from ANXIETY, SADNESS, TRAUMA, DEPRESSION, ISOLATION & more. We will run then most Wednesdays at Nova Clinic in North Road, SG1 4BB. These FREE sessions are National Lottery and Herts Community Foundation funded.

They are suitable for all adults, no matter what age. If you think you might benefit please book your session here on our page Click on 'Book Appointment Online' and scroll to the bottom of booking page for Group Sessions.

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS: from 12.30pm - Guided Relaxation & optional Well-being Acupuncture - FREE from 1.45pm - QiGong / Mindful Movement session - FREE from 3.00pm - Well-being holistic therapies from £20 from 5.00pm - Community Well-being Acupuncture, first session FREE, then £20.

We hope to see you soon!

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