Across Hertfordshire:

Carers in Herts

Carers in Hertfordshire provides advice, information and support to unpaid carers - people looking after someone who is elderly, disabled, has a physical or mental illness or who misuses drugs or alcohol.


Irish Network

Supports the older community in Stevenage 

and the surrounding areas 

Haven First Connect Services 

Provides support to those experiencing 

homelessness in North Hertfordshire. 



Built around the development of a healthy mindset and wellbeing 

Older Peoples Network Stevenage 

Supported by Councillor Jeanette Thomas 


The Living Room 

The aim of the organisation is to break the family cycle of addiction (both substance and behavioural addictions).



Resolve Homeless Services 

Helps those who want to help themselves 


Built around the development of a healthy mindset and wellbeing


Kings Community church 

Outdoors Yoga Class

We work with organisations, charities, not-for-profit groups as well as private companies.
Please get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation. 

Heart & Hands

More about our therapies: www.novawellness.co.uk

Our Funders:

Stevenage Borough Council 

November 2021

The Nova wellness CIC has received funding to provide well-being events and therapies to Stevenage residents affected by the effects of self-isolation and covid.

North Herts District Council 

October 2021

Provided us with funding to cover the cost of therapy events for Letchworth residents who are referred to us by partner voluntary North Herts organisations based in Letchworth.

Local Councillors support 

March 2021

Councillor Lizzy Kelly, Councillor John Gardener and Councillor Alexander Farquharson provided funding to support our project for providing well-being days for NHS and key workers staff.